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‘Working together to fulfil potential’

Year 3



As you know, from Friday 20th March school will be closed for a while and because of that we will be asking you to continue your learning at home. We understand that this must seem strange, but we have created a timetable to help you structure your day and help you to carry on making progress while you're at home.  It's really easy - just grab the work books that we sent home and make yourselves comfortable. Each day, we will upload a different Maths and English activity for you to complete.  There is also a ‘Pick and Mix’ document of activities based on our current topics for you to choose from in the afternoon sessions. Some of these tasks may take one afternoon, others may take longer.  We hope that you find them fun and enjoyable and we also hope to see you all again soon.



Mr Kingsley and Mr Welsh smiley


Suggested Daily Timetable


Daily Learning Challenges 27/3/20



10 mins brain warm up: Play this fun game about synonyms, antonyms and homonyms:


Synonyms = words that mean the same e.g  big/huge

Antonyms = words with opposite meanings e.g. mum/dad

Homonyms = words that sound the same but have different meanings e.g. knight/night


Main activity 45/50 mins

Write a book review about the Worst Witch. Imagine you are writing it for someone who has not read any of the series before.

Include the following subheadings

Use a title e.g. A Book Review About…….

Subheading: Main characters (use a list with commas)

Subheading: My favourite character (remember to explain why.)

Subheading: My favourite parts (you might have more than one and that’s fine. Include as many as you like just remember to explain why you liked them).

Subheading: Would I recommend the book? (Remember to explain why/ why not)


If you do not read the Worst Witch then you could complete a book review about a book that you know well or listen to 'Anansi and the Pot of Beans' on the following website and complete a book review about that story:



Check spellings with:



10 minute warm up:

Place value game – practice making numbers or words. There are lots of levels so try and challenge yourself!

Main activity: 30/40 mins

Visit the ‘Isee’ maths page and watch the video for the 26th (Girls and Boys) and complete the tasks:


10 mins 

Times tables practise - Times Tables Rockstars or Times Tables games:


Pick and Mix Tasks

Amelia's Learning Zone


Hi Amelia,


While you are learning at home - me and Miss Vaudrey would like you to try and follow the daily timetable (see above). We will post a maths and english activity for you here each day and in the afternoon you can choose one of the pick and mix activities that we have made especially for you. Alternatively, you could do some of the work that Miss Vaudrey sent home with you. 


Mr Kingsley and Miss Vaudrey






Amelia Learning Zone 27/3/20



Story time: Choose a story to watch/listen to:

Phonics game: Paint a Picture:

Writing: Read 'The Little Red Hen' using the PowerPoint below. Can you retell the story yourself? Then have a go at rewriting the story in your own words. Use the word bank below to help you.



Task 1: Play Basket Ball place value –


Task 2: Complete repeated pattern worksheet by cutting and sticking the correct shapes to complete the pattern. See resources below.


Amelia Pick and Mix

Oxford Owl Reading



Here is a link to a free online reading scheme with a variety of children's e-books.

(click on the picture to begin)


Espresso (coding and topic):    Username: student22316 Password: abc12

Welcome to Year 3 !!!


Our lead topic this term is a history based topic 'What was family life like in ancient Greece?' During the topic, we will learn all about family life in ancient Greece, the origins of the Olympic Games, ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Our science based topic 'Why are our bones so important?'. During the topic, we will learn all about the major bones in the body, the forces they are put under and how our skeleton changes with age. Our Art, Design and Technology based topic will look at the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldi and his use of fruit and vegetables in his paintings.


  • Year 3W P.E is on a Wednesday and Friday.
  • Year 3K P.E is on a Monday and Wednesday.


General information


  • Please read with your child 4 times per week and make a note of this in their planners. As soon as your child has completed their book, please return it to school so that it can be changed for a new text.
  • Spellings will be sent home weekly. These can be practised either by using the Spelling Shed app (logon details in the front of planners) or by using the look, cover, write sheet which is available on request. 
  • Your child will be tested on their spellings every Wednesday.
  • One piece of additional homework will also be sent home each Thursday. This is usually Maths or English related. Please ensure that your child completes this and returns it to school the following week. 
  • It is also very important that your child learns their times tables. We have daily tests in school, but it would also be extremely useful if you could also practise these at home. This can be done using the Times Tables Rock Stars app (login details in the front of planners). The class teacher will have pre-selected the appropriate times tables for your child to access. 




Year 3 Spring Term News Letter

Links to Teaching Videos