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Ofsted 2016-2017
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James Brindley Community Primary School
‘Working together to fulfil potential’

Eco Warriors


Welcome to Eco Warriors!


Congratulations to our newly elected Eco Warriors!
This year, our team will work alongside Miss McIntosh and the Early Years staff to oversee and develop a new Eco area that will form part of the Early Years environment and even be a part time home to some furry friends

We look forward to updating you with photographs and video from the project.


Eco Council (Eco Warriors) 2016-17

December 16


Our very first Eco project has begun! The children were able to tell me many important facts about the economy and how as a school and wider community we need to work together to sustain it. We talked about looking after our surroundings and how we keep it clean and green. The issue of re-cycling all food and materials correctly and ensuring as a team we encourage others to contribute. This discussion led to suggestions

of creating our own "fruit bin" where all finished fruit would be disposed of correctly. 


We had our first team meeting before the Christmas break to discuss our first project regarding the development of the Early Years Mud Kitchen. As you can see from the pictures below our 'Mud Kitchen' needs a re-vamp, and who better than our super creative Eco Warriors. During our first meeting we visited the area as it is currently, then came back to discuss how we as a team can improve it. The children had some fantastic initial thoughts.

- Clean up the area (wash all items)

- Re surface the area - may be astroturf? This would be safer for the children

- Very wet therefore needs to be covered over the Winter period

- Place a roof/shelter over the area

- Move the Kitchen to a different position in the Early Years Outdoor Area


Some children went away and sketched very detailed design ideas (see pics) of how they thought our Kitchen should look. We will use them as a starting point for our next meeting. 


Let's gather our ideas and share our thoughts on how we want it to look.


Miss McIntosh

Happy New Year!


During our second Eco Meeting we shared our aim which is to improve and re-vamp our Mud Kitchen and decide who is going to be involved in the initial 'Deep Clean'. Time to get busy and dirty! The children and I have decided to close down the 'Mud Kitchen' and design a new "Texture Kitchen" in the water area of our Early Years.  The next part of our plan is to move and shift the kitchen to the designated area and begin to build on our initial thoughts of how we want it to look as well as making it purposeful for our younger children. We researched Alistair Bryce-Clegg and looked at a variety of images he has collected of Texture/Mud Kitchens. These images inspired children's thoughts and they each wrote a post it note of items they would like to be included in the new and improved kitchen (see pictures). 

Children were asked to research Texture Kitchens and bring back any ideas, designs to our next meeting. 


Miss McIntosh

February 2017


It is time for Eco Team to perform the "Deep Clean" and begin the transition from Mud Kitchen to Texture kitchen. The children were very helpful and worked together to wash, clean, move and re-position the kitchen. It was very messy but we had lots of fun and it is looking great! It is only in the early stages of development but it is ready for the Early Years children to get busy in. 

Next time we meet as a full team we will look at pictures and videos of children currently using the new area and talk about what we can do to improve it further. Children will bring along their plans and designs and together we can decide how we will put our ideas into practice.

Thank you to those children in the Eco Team who volunteered to take part in the clean, you did a FANTASTIC job!


Miss McIntosh

The Deep Clean

Eco Council (Eco Warriors) 2015-16

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