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Ofsted 2016-2017
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James Brindley Community Primary School
‘Working together to fulfil potential’





Our Mother's Day Assembly!

We would have loved to perform for you face to face, but we think we've got the next best thing!

As the children have worked so hard learning the songs, painting pictures and practising their lines, we thought we'd make a video.

Please click on the picture below and enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day!






Home Learning

Hi Nursery,


 I hope you are all happy and well at home. I know this may seem really strange us not being in school everyday, but I am still going to be sending you work tasks to do at home on a daily basis. So, find yourself a comfortable space to work, grab the workbook that you brought home from school and get ready to learn from your new 'school at home'. 


Use the 'Suggested Daily Timetable' to help you structure your day and the 'Pick n Mix' document for your afternoon activities. Each morning I will be posting an English/Maths task here on our class web page for you to complete. 


Take care and see you soon. 

Mrs Holt smiley


Daily Learning Challenge - Friday 27th March


Good Morning Nursery!

I hope you have had a lovely first week and have enjoyed the challenges I have set, and the pick 'n' mix tasks too!

This morning, I would like you to  practise recognising amounts of up to 5 and 10.

You can do this by grouping straws, beads, buttons, building blocks, balls, teddies, or anything else you have at home.

Put them in lines and groups to help with one to one counting. Try putting your objects in patterns - like on a dice, to help you recognise different numbers without counting!  



Animals in Spring 

Today at 10.00 am, Chester Zoo are live streaming their animals.

Follow the link below to see the animals in their habitats laugh

See if you can spot any babies!



Weekend is here!


Now, I know how busy you normally are at weekends, but this one will be a bit different. As you cannot leave the house at the moment, I have attached a few links to help you stay active! I hope you enjoy the different activities and don't forget to get the whole house involved!


I will be back on Monday with more challenges for you! Have a lovely weekend Nursery!


Take care, Mrs Holt heart



Daily Learning Challenge - Thursday 26th March


English - I would like you to play phonics noughts and crosses. Draw out a grid and write any letters or digraphs (ck ll ss ff ) in each part of the grid. Take it in turns to name what is written in the grid. If you say it correctly you can add your nought or cross in that square.












When you have finished playing, you can log into Phonicsplay (link below) and play any Phase 2 game you like! smiley

Have a lovely day!



Daily Learning Challenge - Wednesday 25th March


Maths - Today I would like you practise counting up to 20. You can use the silly voices like we do in school - high pitched, low pitched, loud and quiet, scary and squeaky. Once you have tried all of the voices, try using your counting in a game. You can play hide and seek, board games, hopscotch, or any other games you have.  Enjoy!


If you haven't set up a free account on Oxford Owl yet (see link below), please do! Share a book together today  laugh



Daily Learning Challenge - Tuesday 24th March


English - Can you practise writing your name? Write it with your finger in sand, paint, gloop, shaving foam, or anything else that you can think of. Once you have practised with your finger, try with a pencil/pen. Copy the letters of your name and write it a few times.

If you can already write your name, can you write your surname too? Have you got a middle name?

If you  can already do all of these, have a go at your family's names!

Practise makes perfect! Keep it up Nursery smiley



Daily Learning Challenge - Monday 23rd March


Maths - Sing Number songs to practice counting, reciting numbers in order, one more, one less using number songs: Five Little Ducks, Five Little Men, Ten Green Bottles, Five Currant Buns, Ten Fat Sausages and any others that you know! Don't forget to use your fingers to show  how  many are left. 





Useful Links

Oxford Owl Reading


Here is a link to a free online reading scheme with a variety of children's e-books.

(click on the picture to begin)


Discovery Education



Please use this website to watch videos, play games and keep up with child-friendly news.

Username: student22316  Password: abc123

Phonics Games


Phase 2 games on Phonics Play will help with segmenting and blending.

(click the picture to get started) Username:march20  Password:home



Phase 2 games on Letters and Sounds will help with letter recognition, segmenting and blending. (click the picture to start practising)



Choosing Phase 2 games on Phonics Bloom will help your child recognise letters and give them an opportunity to segment and blend. (click on the picture to begin)


Maths Games


Top marks website has a variety of maths games for EYFS.

They can practise number recognition, counting, ordering,

simple addition, shapes, position and many other skills.

(click on the picture to begin)


Play games with your child's favourite characters.

(click the picture to start)




All About Nursery


Our Nursery Team are extremely passionate about the Early Years Curriculum. We make every day fun and engaging with plenty of activities for the children to do. Each activity has a link to the development of the children and helps move their learning along. We have lots of fun!


Our Curriculum is broken down into 7 areas of Learning and Development;

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design


Our provision caters for all of these areas and our activities enable children to experience and progress in them all, throughout the year.



At the bottom of the page you will find links to websites and videos to help your child at home.



We tried Chinese food for Chinese New Year!

Some of us liked everything! laugh

Some of us didn't! indecision

But we all enjoyed trying it! smiley

Have a look at our results 



We tried Chinese food for Chinese New Year. Some of us liked all of it! Others didn't like any! Have a look at our results :)



Snippets from Last Year!

Firefighter visit to Nursey

Still image for this video
Our nursery children welcomed firefighters yesterday hoping to test the firefighting skills by squirting lots of water! Unfortunately, the visit from the fire crew was cut short as a real emergency was relayed to the pump and they had to leave. The crew returned only to receive another call moments later. When leaving for their second job of the afternoon, the crew promised to return at a later date for some serious water squirting to take place. Many thanks to the firefighters who joined us.