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‘Working together to fulfil potential’


Welcome to the Nursery class page. This is a great place to keep updated on any class events, see pictures of your children have fun and find copies of any newsletters we have sent out.

Please note In the event of the Nursery bubble being out of school you will find remote learning here. This will be updated regularly. 

Individual Phonics

Before Christmas you were all making fantastic progress within your individual phonics, it is so important that you keep this pace up and continue to practise as often as you can.

Note for parents: As you would expect children are working through their phonics at their own pace and as a result it is quite tricky to give one task each day. Therefore, I will outline the steps we go through when working on a 1:1 with your child. As you will have seen we give letters out in sets click on the link below to see how the letters are divided up.

Letters and Sounds Phase 2 Introduction (

When children recognise set 1 they are given set 2, however we continue to reinforce the first set. Whilst ensuring children recognise the letters we also see if they can hear what sound comes first in a spoken work e.g. what sound do I need for mummy (emphasising the first m)

By the time children have learnt to recognise all of the letters in set 1-4 we begin modelling blending e.g. s-a-t sat, (there will be video’s posted on how we do this in the weeks to come)

Please use the letter cards from your child’s pack but I’m sure with all the practising they have done over Christmas you will now need to make them the next set.

Friday 15th January

Join me for a live story session today at 10.30am.



We are going to have a go at filling in a table, this helps to to sort information. First you need to choose a room in your house. Then have a really good look around at all the different shapes you can see. You might have a circle mirror, rectangle television, square window. Fill in the table to find out what shape you have the most of in that room.

Thursday 14th January

I hope you can all join me tomorrow at 10.30am for a live story session on google meet. I have added the ‘Parent’s guide to google meet’ below.



Please watch the video below and join in with the phonics activity


Phonics, blending video - YouTube






Click on the link to play a shape monster game.

Can you make your own shape monster? You might use paper, card and sticky shapes or you might like to build one using construction toys such as lego or mega blocks. I would love to see a picture of your shape monster, you can email a picture on purple mash.


Wednesday 13th January

Good morning children I hope you are all well. Now I am back in school I would like to arrange another google meet story session on Friday morning it will give me a chance to see how you all are and I have another great Penguin story to share. Further details will be put on the website tomorrow.


In maths we are still looking at shapes. Can you still remember the ones you have been working on? Have you learnt the names of any really tricky ones?

Today I would like you to do some colouring. I have added a picture of a shape pizza, you will have to choose a colour for each shape to make a key, then stick to those colours to make your pizza. Grown-ups if you aren’t able to print of the sheet please draw a selection of shapes to create a picture and make a key to follow.


Phonics play is a fantastic online resource that has made its subscription free whilst we are on lockdown. Please click on the link, you may need to log in using jan21 password: home.

You will see a smoothie game. Choose a sound to focus on, then encourage your child to find the correct pictures that also start with that sound. When they place the picture into the blender the hippo will pop up and let them know when they are correct or need to guess again.

Super Smoothie (

Tuesday 12th January

Good morning everyone. We have been made aware of a few issues regarding purple mash. Please can I ask that you have a go at sending me an email on purple mash. You will need to type 2email into the search box for the icon to appear. Also if you could let me know on the email if you are able to see your child's work tray. 


We have played this in school but it was a long time ago. You will need a dice and the objects you used to make your 2D shapes yesterday. You can play this with as many people as you have in your family. Take it in turns to roll the dice, count the dots and collect that many sticks (pencils etc). When everyone has had 3 turns. Use your sticks to make as many triangles as you can. The person with the most triangles wins. (Don't worry if you seemed to have misplaced all your dice, you can use the number flash cards you made last week. Simply turn them over and take it in turns to choose a number card).



Remember the story about little penguin learning to swim. In the story little penguin asked his friends if they were ‘nervous’, do you know what that word means? Ask a grown to help you. When do you feel nervous? Do you think little penguin still feels nervous? Why? I think little penguin should be so proud of what he has done. Can you make him a well done card or certificate like the ones we give out at school.

Monday 11th January


This week we will be reminding ourselves of the names and properties of flat (2D) shapes.

For this activity you will need some long straight objects like lolly sticks, pencil crayons or felt tips.

Use the objects to make the following shapes; triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon (Can you make a circle?). When you have made the shapes talk with your grown up about how many sticks you have used for each shape, which shape has the most? Which shape has the least? Which shapes have the same?






Keep practising your flash cards.

Use the sheet below to play a game of eye spy. This can be a very tricky game at first so grown ups you may need to give clues to help focus on the right picture. For example Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with c, it is orange and we can eat it.


Click on the link below and listen to the story.

Little Penguin Learns to Swim Kids Story Read Aloud A Short Bedtime Story - Bing video

This week we are going to be thinking about how brave Little penguin and his friends are to have a go a something new.

Can you have a think about something new you would like to learn to do this year. It might be to ride a bike, write your name or even something to help others like make your bed!

I spy pictures

Friday 8th January 


Well everyone we are just completing our first week of home learning. It has been great to hear from some of you through the 2email section of Purple mash. Keep up the hard work but remember when it comes to developing those phonics skills little and often is the key.

Today I would like you to play a phonics games so click on the link below and have fun.



Your maths work today is a number hunt, take a look at the sheet below.

It’s been snowing where I am so if you have some snow and a place to play I would love to see what you have built (you can send a photo through your email on Purple mash).

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

Thursday 7th January

Good morning everyone, I hope you are keeping well.

We are going to continue to think about our story ‘Lost and Found’

What the teaching video below and talk to your grown up about what interesting facts you have learnt. Can you answer these questions?

Penguins for Kids: Interesting Facts - Different Types of Penguins for Children - YouTube

What colour are penguins?

What are they really good at? Flying or swimming?

What do they like to eat?

Do they live all by themselves or in a big group?

Do they live up in the North Pole with Father Christmas or do they live down in the South Pole?



After you have gone through your number flash cards have a look at the sheet below. Don’t worry if you can’t print it off. Simply look at it on screen, count the characters and use your number flash cards to show your grown up the total. If you are feeling very confident you may have a go at writing the numbers on a piece of paper too.

Wednesday 6th January

Good morning I hope you were able to complete yesterday’s task and maybe even had a go on Mini Mash. There is a great phonics game if you click on the big book, you can have a go at finding all the correct pictures that match the initial sound.


Watch the story of Lost and Found

In the story the little boy packs ‘everything he will need’ for his adventure. If you were going on adventure to a cold Land what would you pack?

Draw a picture of what you will pack and ask a grown up to scribe what you have drawn. 



Use your flash cards to practise recognising numbers. 

Grown ups: for this activity you will need 5 pairs of socks. 

Separate the socks and spread them out.

How many socks are there?

Do you know how many socks make a pair?

Can you now put them into pairs? 

How many pairs have you made?

What happens if one sock goes missing, can they still be put into pairs?


Tuesday 5th January

Good morning everyone I hope you have had a magical Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your family.


I would love to hear about something special that you remember doing over the Christmas period. Please draw a picture and ask a parent to write a little description of what you have drawn. Keep the picture safe and when you come back to school you can stick it onto your frame. Don’t forget to have a go at writing your own name on the picture like we do in school.



Our number of the week is 10 so please ask a grown up to make you a set of number flash cards 1-10 (you could also have a go at making your own). You will need these each day as a quick refresher to make sure you recognise all the numbers. For some this is still very tricky so please just stick to 1-5 until you are ready to move on.

Please click on the power point below and complete the activity.

A busy week in Nursery

Monday 16th November

Well children you have made it to your last day of isolation you have done amazingly well. 

I'm sure you can guess our number of the week is 6. Please go through the presentation and have a good talk about our number of the week. Do you know anyone that is 6?


Please recap all of the Jolly phonics songs and actions for all the letters we have been learning. Now have a look at the song for h and b. If your grown up says a sound can you show them the correct action to go with it. Maybe you could test your grown and you say a sound for them to show you the correct action. Don't forget to go through your letter cards, if you can recognise these I will give out set 2 when you come in this week. 

Friday 13th November


Good morning everyone you are nearly there just a few more days until you can come back to school. Today is children in Need day. Can you find out about this charity and draw a picture of Pudsey Bear. I have attached one if you have a printer. 


You have done so well to learn all about the number 5. Can you either draw around you hand or paint a handprint, then ask a grown up to write and cut out little number labels for you to stick on each finger. Don't forget to take a picture and email them to me on Purple mash 2email function. 

Thursday 12th November


We are going to play a game of metal mike. First you will need to gather a few things from around your house:









Sorry mums and dads if you haven’ got any of these items can you draw them please.

I will be using our class robot to be metal mike but grown-ups you will need to pretend to be our hungry robot. First go through what each item is to ensure they are calling it the same as metal mike will (e.g. say cup not mug or drink).

Watch the video below and play along.

Wednesday 11th November

Good morning everyone, well done for all the hard work you are going at home. I hope you all received the message about Mini mash, we are still working to resolve the issues of your class trays not being visible to you at home.


Today we are going to think about how words are broken down in syllables. Try saying mummy and daddy by clapping out the syllable for example mu-mmy (2 claps), Da-ddy (also 2 claps). How many claps is your name? Some short names may only have 1. What about my name Mrs (2 claps) Freeney is also 2 claps so I have 4 claps altogether. Can you clap all the names in your family? What about objects around the house (television, microwave, table, chair, jumper, window, mirror,)

Don’t forget to practise recognising your letter cards for s,a,t,p. Do you know any words that begin with those sounds?


First use the number flash cards to remind yourself what each number 1-5 looks like. Can you put the number cards in the correct sequence? Now close your eyes, when your grown up steels one away can you guess what they have taken.

Make a number 5 poster. Your grown up could write the number 5 with a highlighter or light coloured crayon for you to go over the top, make sure you form your number correctly (draw the straight line down first then round tummy before putting the hat on the top). Do you have stickers that you can count out 5 for your poster? Maybe you could draw 5 smiley faces or 5 little stars. I can’t wait to see your posters next week!

Tuesday 10th November


Recap actions for all songs, see video



Grown up: Use the number flash cards you made yesterday to see if your child recognises each number. Show them in order first then show them in a mixed up sequence.

Gather objects that can bee handled easily when counting, crayons work great! Have 8 on the table and ask your child to count out 5 to give you. If this is tricky for your child model what you want them to do first. Repeat this with different amounts. You could show them the number flash card for each amount you are asking them for. Your child could then be the teacher and ask you to given them so many crayons (you may want to get it wrong for them to correct you).

Monday 9th November

Good morning everyone I hope you are all well.

This week we will be learning the Jolly phonics songs for e,u,r. Please continue to learning all the songs and actions up to r (see Youtube link from Friday).

Ask a grown up to collect objects around the house that start with any of the sounds we have learnt so far (s,a,t,p,I,m,n,d,g,o,c,k) put them on a table and talk about what each of them are. Grown ups: try and emphases the first sound of each object start with about 5. Cover them over with a tea towel and secretly remove one. When the towel is removed can you child guess what is missing? Can they say what sound that object begins with? Repeat this several times trying to add more items if your child seems confident.



This week our number of the week is 5.

Grown ups: make little number flash cards 1-5, we will use these each day to consolidate number recognition. Show your child number 5 and explain that this is our number of the week. When you mix the numbers up can they find the number 5?

Sing number songs that include numbers to 5

5 little ducks went swimming one

Over the hill and far away,

Mother duck said quack quack quack quack and only 4 little ducks came back.

4 little ducks…….

3 little ducks…..

2 little ducks…

1 little duck…

No little ducks

Daddy duck said quack quack quack quack and all 5 ducks came swimming back.

Do you know 5 current buns in a baker’s shop? Or 5 Cheeky monkey’s swinging from the trees.


Play a game of quick draw; hide your hand behind your back say ‘quick draw show me 4’ encourage your child to reveal their hand holding up 4 fingers. Repeat this to include numbers 1-5.

Friday 6th November 

Good morning everyone hope you are all well. 

This week we have been recapping the Jolly phonics songs for the following sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d please follow the link below to sing the songs. If your child is only just learning these songs please stick to the above sounds.



Jolly Phonics actions

Still image for this video
To help you practise the first 2 sets of letter sounds.


This week we have learnt all about the number 4. Can you remember the Number 4 hunt we did around the classroom, you were all really good at it.

Grown ups: Write out some number 4's on little pieces of paper or post its, hide them around the house and time how long it takes for them all to be find. You could make it more challenging by hiding some 1,2 and 3s that they must NOT collect. Can they spot any number 4s that are already in your house? Do they have any toys that they have 4 of the same? 

End of our first half term!

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Snippets from Last Year!

Firefighter visit to Nursey

Still image for this video
Our nursery children welcomed firefighters yesterday hoping to test the firefighting skills by squirting lots of water! Unfortunately, the visit from the fire crew was cut short as a real emergency was relayed to the pump and they had to leave. The crew returned only to receive another call moments later. When leaving for their second job of the afternoon, the crew promised to return at a later date for some serious water squirting to take place. Many thanks to the firefighters who joined us.