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‘Working together to fulfil potential’

Year 2

Live Sessions for week beginning Monday 18th January –

Monday 18th – 1.30pm – Please ensure that you have watched today’s English video before the session.

Wednesday 20th – 1.30pm

Friday 22nd – 1.30pm

Please have a pencil and paper with you for all sessions, I can’t wait to see you!

Monday 18th January – Daily Learning Tasks

Hi Year 2,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and that you enjoyed some time with your family. Here we are ready to start a new week of home learning. I hope that you are all feeling refreshed, energised and ready to work hard after a restful weekend. You have all made me incredibly proud with your efforts so far Year 2, I love seeing the work that you are producing and our online sessions really do make my day. So keep making me proud my little superstars and hopefully we’ll all be back in the classroom together soon!



Well done to those of you who logged into Timetable Rockstars last week. Remember, I am able to see how you are getting on and how much you are playing. There are some incredibly high scores already so keep up the hard work.

Moving on from our work on multiplication last week we are now going to  move on to division as sharing. Remember that when we divide or share we split something into equal groups.

Play this fun Doggy Division game before you watch your video for today. If you can, write the full number family for each calculation that you do e.g. 6 ÷ 2 = 3   6 ÷ 3 = 2    2 x 3 = 6    3 x 2 = 6

Your video and worksheet for today are below and I have also included  a Maths challenge underneath the video which you might like to have a go at if you have time. 

Make equal groups - sharing



This week in English we are going to start looking at a new Anthony Browne book called The Tunnel. Click the link below to listen to the beginning of the story and to hear your task for today.

You will need to have watched this video before our live session this afternoon.




This afternoon is our topic session and you might remember that last week I asked you to use Google Earth to draw an aerial or birds eye view of our school and the surrounding areas. I received some very impressive drawings from you last week on Purple Mash, so thank you and well done to those of you who sent them over.

This week we are going to focus very closely on the school itself, and our task is to draw an aerial view of the school building. We are going to imagine that we are looking down on the school from the sky and that we are taking the roof off the building so that we can see all of the rooms inside.

Below is a bird’s eye view of the school that I have drawn, have a close look at it. Can you spot our classroom?




I would like you to try and draw your own aerial view of the school with labels. Try to think carefully about the sizes of rooms and please use a ruler to help you with this task.

There is a nice example of one on Espresso which you might like to take a look at. You can click on each room in the school to find out about it.

Username: student223126

Password: abc123


 If you have time, I would then like you to use your plan to write some directions. You might want to write how to get from Year 2 to Mr Moore’s office, or from Reception to the hall. Try to write 2 or 3. When you are writing them I would like you to use some of the positional language that we looked at before Christmas, such as left, right, north, east, south and west.


Have a great day Year 2, I am looking forward to seeing you all at 1.30,

Mrs Sharrock xxx

Friday 15th January


Good morning Year 2,

I hope you are all managing to keep yourselves happy and entertained at home with your families. I know it is very difficult finding things to do at the minute, so we have to be creative. I have found some ideas which I would like to share with you. I hope this helps! Please let me know on Purple Mash how you get on if you try these activities. I have tried a few of these with my own family at home. We had a lot of fun (and made a lot of mess).

Bake Brownies- this has to be one of my favourite activities and it is a really simple method to follow. Ask an adult to help you when using the oven. I have attached my favourite gooey recipe below.

Build a Den- you will have lots of fun using your imagination and trying to find different ways to construct your very own hideaway. There are a lot of household items you can use on your quest; blankets, pegs, sweeping brush, chairs, tables, pillows….the list in endless!

Keep a Diary- I have been encouraging my children to do this since the original lockdown. We are living through some very unusual times and in years to come we will tell our grandchildren stories about these days and how very different life was. Here are some helpful tips for successful diary writing.

Thank you to everybody who has emailed me this week on Purple Mash. It is lovely to be able to keep in contact with you all and see the fantastic work you have completed. Please keep it coming. If you are having any trouble using purple mash make sure you let us know. We will try our best to help you.


Finally, a big well done on completing your second week of home learning (parents included). You are doing an amazing job Year 2. Keep it up!

We miss you very much and look forward to welcoming you ALL back.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Smethurst



Hopefully, you are all manging to log onto Spelling Shed at home using your details which are in the front of your planner. You need to try and practise your spellings 3 times a week. I have attached a document below with some strategies which may help you with learning these. When you have completed your spelling test please send me your results on Purple Mash. There are a few children in line for their spelling challenge this week. Good Luck! Remember to ask someone at home to help you and find a quiet space so you can focus.











Your new spellings will be available every Friday morning on Spelling Shed.



This week in RE we are going to start looking at lots of different religious festivals and why these are important. Remember, a festival is a time of celebration. We have already discussed times of celebration for our own families, were any of these linked to religion? Have a look back at last week’s work and see if you can sort the religious and non-religious festivals. I have started to sort mine below:

Religious Festival

Non-Religious Festival






Bonfire Night



Once you have finished this, you are going to carry out some research of your own at home and complete the table attached below.

You can use any resources available to you at home (internet, books, family members, TV, Newspaper) to find the information required to complete the table. You can also use these helpful links to assist you.

Grammar and Punctuation

This week we are going to be adding the suffix –ly to change adjectives into adverbs.

Adjectives describe a noun.

Adverbs describe a verb.

Remember, a suffix is a letter or group of letters that goes on the end of a word and changes the word's meaning.

Work through the PowerPoint attached below, you will need a pencil and some paper to complete the activities included within.

Once you have completed this, you can follow the link below to watch a video and complete the interactive activities on Espresso.

Username: student 22316

Password: abc123

Mental Maths

It is really important that you keep progressing with your times tables whilst you are at home. I have set you some 2do tasks on Purple Mash, please try and complete them.

I would also like you to follow the link below to play ‘daily 10’.

You will need to select your options from the tabs at the top. Start at a lower level and build yourself up. This game is great mental maths practise.

Thursday 14th January

Morning Year 2,

Thank you for all of your hard work so far this week, I cannot tell you how proud and impressed I am with you all. I know that it isn’t easy having to do your school work at home and I understand that it’s a challenge for your Mummies and Daddies too as many of them are trying to work from home. Just keep trying your best with your work and keep being well behaved and helpful at home please Year 2, it’s really important that we look after each other right now, especially those who we live with.


Reminder – Class Meeting online today at 1.30pm, please bring some paper and a pencil

I will be online from 1.20pm but my camera will not be on until 1.30pm. Please ensure you are joining the meeting no more than 5 minutes prior to the start time and to mute your microphone. Parents, most children are now able to mute and un mute independently, therefore once your child is set up online please feel free to leave them to take part in the session on their own.



For Maths today we are continuing with multiplication and will be focusing on our 10s. Your 10 times tables are currently set for you to practice on Time Table Rockstars so you might like to have a go at that this morning as your Maths warm up. I would also like you to play on the ‘Coconut Multiples’ game below and select ‘x10’. You need to knock over the coconuts which have numbers on that are multiples of 10. Remember a multiple of 10 is a number in the 10 times table.


Please then complete the Maths video and the worksheet below.

10 times-table


For your English work today you will need the boxing up plan that you completed yesterday. Here is a picture of mine and also the link from the session yesterday if you would like to watch it again.



As I explained yesterday, today you will need to use your plan to help you to write a fitness manual for Willy.  I have started to write one below using some ideas from my plan.

Try to write yourself an opening paragraph like mine below to encourage Wily to want to follow your fitness manual. You will notice that I have used questions to make the reader really think, try to do the same if you can.


I am aware that there is a lot of writing to do today Year 2 so please break in down into manageable chunks for yourself. You might want to do some this morning and some in the afternoon or even some tomorrow. Just do what you can.


 Is having huge muscles important to you? Do you want to be the strongest beast on the streets? If you want to be the one that everyone is talking about then I suggest you get reading below and follow my top tips for becoming the most muscly machine anyone has ever seen.


Once you have written your opening, I would then like you to use your boxing up plan from yesterday to begin to write your manual. Try very hard to:


  • Start each one on a new line and make sure that you number it.
  • Think very carefully about how you start your sentences, use powerful words like always, remember and don’t.
  • Try to include extra information in your fitness manual by using extended sentences.
  • Use ? and ! if you can.


1. Try to get a good 8 hours sleep (or more if you can) every night. Your body has been working so hard throughout to the day it's really important that you give it the rest that it deserves. Sleeping well will make sure that you wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy to take on the day ahead.


2. Remember to eat a healthy, balanced diet which includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (especially bananas!) Food is fuel for your body and the more fuel you feed it the more energy you will have when you're doing exercises like boxing, running and swimming. No sweets or chocolatey treats have been warned!


3. Always drink at least 2 litres of water every single day. Now this one is vitally important as you need to keep your body hydrated to keep your mind and body active. The more water you can drink the better and it makes you feel good too!


4. Don't forget to do a range of exercises so that you don't get bored. It's really important that you change what you do every day to keep you active and interested. Mix it up! Dancing will get your heart rate pumping, something like yoga will really stretch and flex your muscles and playing a team sport like football or netball will really get you sweating and make you smile too!


Keep it varied to keep you on your toes and you will be feeling super fit and looking mighty muscly in no time at all. Believe in yourself. You can do it!



This afternoon I have prepared a short task for you to do based on another Anthony Browne book. Click the link below to listen to me read the story and have a go at answering the questions that I set for you.


As I mentioned yesterday, this afternoon there is some time allocated to continue with the Espresso Coding ‘Burst The Bubbles’ task from yesterday. So, below is the link for you to continue with the activity if you need to finish it.




Have a lovely day Year 2,

I miss you all very much, Mrs Sharrock xxx



Home Learning – Wednesday 13th January

Hi Year 2,


It was so lovely to see so many of you online yesterday and thank you to those of you who shared your favourite books with me. It’s great to hear your voices and to see your faces.


This morning I would like you to click the link below and play a game to help you with your x5 table. Once you have followed the link please select ‘5’ to indicate that you would like to count in 5s.


You will need to count on from the number on the duck to find the correct duck which would match the target number.  This is great for practising counting on in 5s from any number which is something that we need to be able to do in Year 2.


Your video today is focused on the x5 table so please watch it and complete the worksheet below.

5 times-table

Once you have finished your Maths work for today, below is a challenge question which you might like to have a go at. It will make you think!


This week in English we have been using the book Willy The Wimp by Anthony Browne. Today I have pre recorded a video for you to explain your work.  Please click the link below to watch the video.


This afternoon we are going to complete some Science work. Last week I set you a task asking you to group objects and items into alive, once alive and never alive.  Today I would like you to go for a walk, ideally outside but this could also be in your house or in your garden and create a tally chart for items that you see which fall into each of the groups. You might like to take some photographs of the items that you find too.

 Your tally chart might look like this. Remember to group in 5s.


You will need to keep hold of this for our Science lesson next week.


I would also like you to complete a computing task this afternoon if you have time. You are going to work on a programme called Burst The Bubbles. By following the instructions you will learn how to programme the bubbles to float around the screen and how to make them pop. Have fun!

 Follow the link below and log in to Espresso Coding using the details;





I know that this computing task may take a little while this afternoon, so I have built in some time during tomorrow afternoon’s home learning for you to continue with it.

Have a super day Year 2!

Love from Mrs Sharrock xxx

Home Learning – Tuesday 12th January

Good Morning Year 2,

I’m really looking forward to seeing you online this afternoon. If you are able to make the session, please bring your favourite book with you. If you would like to, you will have the opportunity to tell me and your friends all about your book and why you like it so much.


I’ll see those of you who can make it at 1.30. Please don’t log in to the meeting until 1.25 at the earliest, thank you


I hope that you all managed to get yourselves set up on Time Table Rockstars yesterday and that you enjoyed having a play around with it. Some days I will ask you to play on Time Table Rockstars as part of our Maths lesson but it’s something you can use as often as you like. I can see who has been on and how you are getting on with the questions, so I’ll be keeping a very close eye on your progress Year pressure!


This morning I would like you to start off by playing one of my favourite Maths games, Karate Cats. Follow the link below and select ‘multiplication and division’. Start off on Bronze level and see how you get on. This game automatically saves your progress too so when you come back to play on this game again, you will carry on from where you finished last time.


Today your Maths work will focus on counting in groups of 2. Watch the video below then please complete the task at the bottom of the page. Keep practising your times tables, it really is so important that you know these number facts.

2 Times Table

Here is a Maths challenge question that your might like to have a go of when you finish your work today.


I hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Willy The Wimp’ yesterday. You can watch the video of me reading it to you again if you like by following the link below.


Today we are going to focus on the advert that Willy finds in his comic, I have copied it below so that you can take a look at it again. Have a read of it and also listen carefully to the way that I read it when I shared the story with you. 

In Year 2 we spend a lot of time talking about our word choices and making sure that we choose our adjectives carefully. The words used in the advert are very powerful as they try to persuade Willy to want to become strong and muscly, and it works as he responds to the advert! I have written an example advert for you below. Have a read of it and see if you can spot my powerful adjectives and persuasive words, then have a go at writing your own advert like mine. Try to include ? and ! If you can.


Don't be a WIMP!

I know this may come as a surprise to you but I used to be a shy, skinny, scrawny weakling but just take a look at me NOW! I am one mighty, strong, muscly machine and nobody would dare to ever mess with me! Have you seen the size of my bulging muscles? I can lift any object, even a car with people in it! Now I am brave enough to tell people what to do and nobody would ever want to mess with me.


Do you want to be the toughest on the block?

Do you want to get respect from the folks around

Do you want to love the person that looks back at you in the mirror?


If your answer to these questions is yes then don't waste any time, post this NOW and makes muscles a part of your future.


On Tuesday afternoons we have PE. Last week I asked you to complete some challenges and keep hold of your scores. I would like you to re-do those activities today and record your scores again, have you improved? I hope so! Here is a reminder of what they were:

How many of the following can you complete in 1 minute?

  1. Star jumps
  2. Throwing a ball in the air and catching it (it has to go above your head)
  3. Throwing a ball against the wall and catching it from about 1 metre away (it can’t touch the floor)
  4. Step jumps  (a two footed jump up a step and back down again. Use your doorstep or the bottom stair)


Over the next few weeks we are going to start to create our own gymnastics routine in P.E., how exciting! In order to do this, today I would like you to practise your shapes and rolls. Here are the shapes and rolls that you need to be able to do, they are colour coded with green being the easiest moves and red being more challenging. Please only do the moves that you are comfortable with and do not do forwards or backwards rolls with adult supervision.



There are two powerpoints below which show the rolls and shapes if you are unsure what they are and I have attached video clips to demonstrate forwards and backwards rolls. Again, please only do this if you feel confident enough to and if an adult is present, they are totally optional.



We will continue to work on these moves and build up to creating a gymnastics routine next week.


I hope that you have a wonderful day Year 2,

Love from Mrs Sharrock xxx

Live sessions for week beginning Monday 11th January will take place on:

Tuesday 12th January at 1.30pm - Bring your favourite book 

Thursday 14th January at 1.30pm - Bring a pencil and paper

 I can’t wait to see you all!


Home Learning – Monday 11th January

Hi Year 2,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend with your families. I managed to get out on my new bike and had a lovely ride along the guided busway. I have posted at the top of the page the times when we will have our live session this week. I have also re-posted your Pick and Mix homework for this term, please continue with your homework tasks if you can but don’t worry if you don’t manage to I fully understand how busy your Mummies and Daddies are right now. Just keep doing what you can when you can and remember how incredibly proud I am of you all.



Parents, I am currently looking in to an appropriate online alternative to reading books. I know in the previous lockdown you were advised to access books via Oxford Owl, which is still free and accessible to you all.

This weekend, I set my own children an account up with Reading Eggs as they are currently offering parents a 30 day free trial. I was impressed with what they were offering and would recommend that you take a look and set your child/children up and account. Each child that you set up an account for will take part in a short reading/phonics assessment activity and then reading books and phonics and spelling games with be set for them based on their initial assessments so everything provided will be pitched at the right level for each individual child.  There are questions to answer after each reading book too which will support your children greatly with their comprehension skills. Take a look and see what you think, here is the link:


For Maths this week we are continuing with our work on multiplication then we will be moving onto division.

We need to make sure that we know our timetables facts for 2,5 and 10 really well by the end of Year 2 and January is always a time of the year when we start to use Timetable Rockstars.


Timetable Rockstars is a computer programme which helps you to practise your multiplication and division facts and quickly recall them. Once you get logged in and have a go, you will notice the questions start to come quite quickly but please don’t worry or be put off by this just keep having a go and trying your best.

Follow the link below or download the Timetable Rockstars app if your prefer. You will find your login details in the front of your reading planner. There is a document at the bottom of the page called ‘TTRockstars parent info’ please use this guide to help you to get your child started.

If you cannot find your login details or have any issues please let me know via Purple Mash.


Today I would like you to spend some time playing on Timetable Rockstars as the starter to our Maths session, have a play around with it and create your avatar.  Please go on to the 'garage' section as I have set it up for you to practise your x10 table over the next few weeks.

If you can’t get on right now, please write down the multiplication facts for the 2 and 5 times table.

Today your Maths sessions in based on multiplication using pictures. Please watch the video then your worksheet for today is below.

Multiplication sentences using pictures

For the next few weeks in English we are going to base our work on books by the author Anthony Browne (one of mine and Mrs Gibson’s favourite authors!)

I have pre recorded a video of me reading the story below and at the end of the story I will explain the task that I would like you to complete today. Click the link below to find the video on my new Youtube channel (Yes Year 2, who would’ve thought it, I have a Youtube channel!!! Nobody is more surprised about that than me!)


This afternoon I would like you to complete some topic work which is based on our local area. Our session today requires us to look at our school from an aerial view. Does anybody know what an aerial view is?

An aerial view (or a bird’s eye view as it is sometimes called) means to look at something from height or from up above. So today we are going to imagine that we are a bird looking down on James Brindley from the sky.

You might want to try and do this yourself by using Google Earth, we did this in class when we were looking at Africa. If you wanted to do this yourself, follow the link below and type in the postcode of our school, M287HE.

You might want to zoom in further and have a closer look. You also might want to put your postcode in and try and find your house too!


Your task for this afternoon is to draw a an aerial/bird’s eye view of our school and the surrounding area. If you zoom in closer than I have on the picture below, you might also be able to write down the name of the streets surrounding school. Good luck, I’d love to see some of your drawings on Purple Mash if you would like to share them with me.


Have a great day Year 2, I miss you very much and cannot tell you how proud I am of you all.

Mrs Sharrock xxx

Home Learning- Friday 8th January


Good morning Year 2, it is Mrs Smethurst here I I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New year. I will be setting your home learning online every Friday. We will be completing the same lessons that we normally do in school.


Firstly, I would like you to complete your spelling test. You could ask someone at home to help you, maybe a parent or a sibling? Find somewhere quiet so you are relaxed and focused. If you like, you can have a quick recap of your spellings before you start (hiking, shining, surprising, joking, hoping, smiling, loving, writing, coming, caring). I would love for you to send me your scores on Purple Mash, I will continue to keep a record of your results and reward those of you who reach your spelling challenges J

Your new spellings will be available every Friday morning on Spelling Shed. Don’t forget to practise them ready for next week’s test.


This term in R.E we are going to be looking lots of different types of festivals that are celebrated throughout the year.

A festival is a time of celebration.

Can you think of any special times you have celebrated with your friends and family? What did you do? Who was there? What did you wear? Did you eat any special food? Was there any music? Did you dance?

 Discuss this with your family and get lots of ideas together about as many different festivals as you can. You could write them all down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget.

Once you have done this, I would like you to choose your favourite celebration and complete the worksheet attached at the bottom.

A picture of the worksheet I would like you to complete is below.

If you are struggling for ideas, here are a few examples: Christmas, New Year, a special birthday, wedding or christening. If you have chosen one I haven’t mentioned, that is fine. I am excited to hear all your ideas.

Grammar and Punctuation

This week we are going to be looking at adding –s or –es to words to make them plural. Click on the link below, this will take you to Espresso. Watch this video which will explain the work to you.

Username: student22316

Password: abc123

You can then complete the two tasks attached to this video. If you have any issues with this, please email me on Purple Mash. I will try my best to sort it out for you J

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Well done on completing all your home learning. Stay safe and we hope to see you soon J

Home Learning – Thursday 7th January

Hi Year 2,

I hope that you are all safe and well at home with your families. Thank you so much to all of your for working so hard with your home learning, you make me very proud.


It was so lovely to see some of you online yesterday, your happy faces really did make my day and your behaviour was wonderful. You all being so quiet felt very strange for me though, I’m used to all your chatter! I know that some children had technical issues and difficulty getting on a device at home but don’t worry about that at all, technology can be very tricky sometimes! As I said to those who were on the meeting yesterday, we will meet again at 1.30pm today so for those of you who are able to join us, I would love to see you.


I also shared a little secret with you yesterday, that today is my birthday! (Don’t ask how old I am though!wink) I said to those children who joined me online yesterday that I would love nothing more than for you to tell me a joke to make me smile on my birthday so please bring along your favourite joke with you to our online session today so that we can all enjoy making each other laugh.


Today we are going to continue with our work on arrays and multiplication. Click the link below to play the multiplication game for your 2,5, and 10 times tables.


We are going to have a go at answering some word problems today based on your work over the last few days and also work that we completed in class before half term.  You will need to read the maths problem, write the calculations and draw the arrays. You will notice that I have put two set of questions, level 1 and level 2. The level 2 questions are a bit more challenging and will need you to know your multiplication and division facts well, have a look at them both and pick which sheet you would prefer to complete. Once you have done it, you might like to try and write a similar question for somebody at home to answer.


Yesterday I set you quite a long English task which might have taken a little more time than usual. Don’t worry if you didn’t get chance to do it all but you will need to have watched both the videos that I posted for you to complete your task today. Here are the links to Monty The Penguin and Lost and Found again, watch them again before you complete your work for today.


As I mentioned yesterday, today we are going to compare the stories and find similarities and differences between them as this is something that we have to be able to do in Year 2. We are going to do this today by using a Venn Diagram, a diagram which we have used before in Maths activities and also when sorting materials in Science. A picture of the worksheet that I would like you to complete today is below.


You might like to talk this task through at home with somebody before you complete it today if you can.  The Venn Diagram is split into sections, on one side I would like you to write about Lost and Found and what makes it unique and I would like you to do the same on the opposite side of the diagram for Monty The Penguin. In the middle section where the circles overlap I would then like you to write how the stories are similar, what makes them the same?


When you are doing this task think about the characters, the setting, what happens during the story and how it ends. Also think about the different ways in which the stories presented. The worksheet you will need to this task is posted below or if you like you can ask an adult to help you to draw the venn diagram onto a piece of paper.


This afternoon I would like you to complete some science work. Our new science topic is all about living things and our local environment.  Have a look at the Science Powerpoint posted below and then using the ‘Science 7th Jan’ document I would like you to draw and label items to go in each of the columns. You might want to have a look around your house when doing this task to see what items that you find.


There is also an interactive task on Espresso linked to this task which you might wish to do as well or instead of the task above.

Use the link below and the login details:

Username: student22316

Password: abc123

Have a super day Year 2! Mrs Sharrock xxx



Home Learning – Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Year 2,

It was lovely to hear from so many of you on Purple Mash yesterday, thank you so much for working so hard at home and for sharing your work with me. It certainly made me smile to read your messages.

We are going to try and have our first Google Meet session today at 1.30pm for about 20 minutes, I’m really looking forward to seeing you all! Don’t worry if you can’t make it today or have any issues logging in, just let me know and I’ll do my best to try and resolve them for you. It’s my first time of using Google Classroom with you all too so I have everything crossed that our first meet will be a success!

Remember your logins are in your planner and Mr Moore re-sent all of the information that your parents will need to log you in, in his letter yesterday. Today we will have a quick catch up with each other and go through the rules of how to use Google Classroom sensibly. If you would like to bring your favourite Christmas present from home to share with your friends online then that would be lovely, but you don’t have to.

On to our work for today, this morning we are starting off with Maths as usual. I would like you to begin by recapping your knowledge of number bonds which I know that you are great at any way.  By the end of Year 2 you should know all number bonds to 10 and 20, both addition and subtraction facts, for example:

6 + 4= 10         4 + 6 = 10        10 – 6 = 4          10 – 4 = 6

16 + 4 = 20       4 + 16 = 20      20 – 16 = 4       20 – 4 = 16

Have a play of the game below then see if you can challenge yourself by creating a set of number bonds like I have above.


Just like yesterday, there is a Maths video to watch and a worksheet to go alongside it. I have also attached an additional Maths challenge sheet today which you might like to have a go at during the day at some point. You will find these at the bottom of your work for today. 

Make arrays

Thank you for sharing your lovely recounts with me yesterday. I really enjoyed reading all about your Christmas holidays and was very impressed with the content of your writing too, well done!


The English activity that I had planned for today was going to take up two sessions, we would have done half of the work in the morning before lunch, then the other half in the afternoon so please make sure that you break the task down into manageable chunks and don’t feel like you have to do it all at once!

In Year 2 we need to be able to compare different stories and find similarities and differences between them. We did a similar task when we compare Julia Donaldson texts last year but this time we are going to compare a video clip to a story.


I would like you to start by watching the video clip below of Monty The Penguin. This video was actually used as a Christmas advert a few years ago. Feel free to watch the video a few times, it might be useful to make notes on what is happening during the clip and your thoughts and feelings at different points just like we would on our whiteboards in class. If possible, talk it through with somebody in your house too. I hope that you enjoy watching it!


With Monty The Penguin still in mind, I would then like you to listen to the story of Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. This is a story that you may have heard before however when you are listening to it today, I would like you to start to think about how it compares to the video of Monty as this will help you with your work task for tomorrow. Again, take notes when you are listening to the story if you like and talk it through and share it with somebody if you can.

Your task after watching these clips is to write a brief overview of what happens in each story. Use the worksheet below to help you. At this point we are not comparing the stories,  that will come tomorrow, today you just need to show me that you understand each of the stories and also try to include your thoughts and feelings in your writing. As I said earlier, today’s English task would have carried on into the afternoon session so please don’t exhaust yourself by doing it all at once!


As a short session in the afternoon (as I’m aware that your English might take your longer than usual today and we are meeting on Google Classroom) I would like you to try and do a little bit of research on the artist Andy Goldsworthy. What can you find out about him and the type of art work that he produces? Maybe you could record some key facts about him or find some examples of his work?


Have a great day Year 2. Please contact me at any time on Purple Mash whenever you need me. Mrs Gibson will also be setting a few daily 2do tasks for you to complete on there too so have a go at those if you like. I’ll look forward to seeing those of you who can make it on our live Google Meet at 1.30 this afternoon, don’t worry if you can’t make it today, we will be arranging another one shortly.

I miss you all,

Mrs Sharrock xxx

Home Learning – Tuesday 5th January

Good morning Year 2 and Happy New Year to you and your families. I very much hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas break.  I am so sorry that we can’t all be back in the classroom together today, I was really looking forward to hearing all about your Christmas holidays and I know that you were all looking forward to seeing each other too.


For a short period of time, we are having to go back to home learning. We are doing this to keep you and your families as safe as possible at home as we try to prevent the spread of Coronavirus as much as we can. I know home learning isn’t as fun as being in the classroom and I want nothing more than to be there with you all too! But for the next few weeks I need you to all work as hard as you possibly can for me at home and be really well behaved and listen to your parents as many of them will be trying to work from home which is a real challenge for them too!


So, I will be setting daily work for you which will follow our usual school timetable. I understand that many of you and your parents will be juggling many different things at home so all that I ask of you is that you do what you can of the work when you can and just try your best. I cannot ask any more of you than that and I know you will all make me incredibly proud.


In Year 2 we have to be able to write about real events, we call this piece of writing a personal recount. You might remember that we wrote a personal recount after we had the drumming session with Drumroots last term? A personal recount should include thoughts, feelings and opinions so the first day back after the Christmas holidays is always a great opportunity for you all to write a recount plus it allows me to find out about all the fun things that you have been doing with your families. Just like I normally do in class, I have written an example for you below. Have a read of it, you might need an adult to help. Try to pick out the key things that I look for in your writing in class and try to include them in your piece of writing today.


What a wonderful Christmas holidays I have had! This Christmas has been very different to ones in the past as we haven't been able to go out and see our friends and family as much as usual but I have still had a wonderful time.


My favourite day would definitely have to be Christmas Day! I
loved Christmas Eve too as we all got wrapped up warm and went for a wintery walk with our Christmas jumpers on. The ground was icy and there was frost all around so it felt very festive. We enjoyed hot chocolate and mince pies (my favourites!) as a treat for our long walk then when we got home we watched Christmas films all snuggly in our matching Christmas pyjamas.


Just before 6pm we all got our jingle bells and went out on our doorstep to ring them loudly with our neighbours. It was icy cold so we weren't out there very long! There were lots of stars in the clear night sky and I was starting to feel very excited about the next day.


As I mentioned earlier, Christmas Day was definitely my favourite day. I was so excited that I actually woke up at 2am and then again at 4am but my Mum and Dad were a little cross at me and told me it was far too early and I must go back to bed! I was just so giddy though to go downstairs to see if the big man with the white, fluffy beard and large, round belly had been to leave me any gifts.


It felt like forever but finally I got to go downstairs at 6am. My stomach was doing flip flops as I felt a mixture of excitement and nerves as I wondered had he been? Luckily, he had and I felt totally overwhelmed as I saw the kind and thoughtful gifts that he had left for me and my little sister. My favourite gift was my selfie camera which I had great fun using with my family over the holidays. I made some really funny videos and added sound clips and music to them too.


It was lovely to see my Grandma, Grandad and Auntie on Christmas Day too. We had a delicious dinner together and played games. What fun we all had! We played a hilarious game called Pin The Nose on Rudolph which we had to do blindfolded! I was a bit scared at first as I really couldn't see anything with the blindfold on, my Dad even fell over and my sister stuck the nose on the wall and not even on Rudolph! How we all laughed! What a fantastic Christmas I had!



For your Maths work this week we are going to be recapping our work on counting in groups and arrays, leading on to multiplication and division.  Before you start your work today, I would like you to have a go at playing either one or both of the games below.


Watch the Maths video before completing the activity sheet which I have attached at the bottom of the page. Try and challenge yourself when doing the work sheet, for example if you have written a calculation such as 2 + 2 + 2 = 6, could you then make it into a multiplication? Then could you make your multiplications into divisions? Give it a go, I bet you can!


Make equal groups activity

On a Tuesday afternoon we have P.E. and in January I like us to set ourselves fitness challenges as we try to improve our fitness over the half term. So today I would like you to complete some activities and record your results so that we can monitor your progress.  

How many of the following can you complete in 1 minute?

  1. Star jumps
  2. Throwing a ball in the air and catching it (it has to go above your head)
  3. Throwing a ball against the wall and catching it from about 1 metre away (it can’t touch the floor)
  4. Step jumps  (a two footed jump up a step and back down again. Use your doorstep or the bottom stair)

Once you have completed these tasks, here is the link to a short relaxation video that you might like to do.


Please feel free to contact me over Purple Mash (logins are in the front of your planners) during the school day if I can help or assist with anything and of course if you would like to send me over any of your work then I would absolutely love to see it. I have also posted your new Pick and Mix for the Spring Term and our Spring Term newsletter below which I was planning on sharing with you later this week.

Have a lovely day Year 2, work hard and make me proud!

Love from Mrs Sharrock xxx

Welcome to Year 2-2020/21

Welcome to the Year 2 web page which will be updated throughout the year with information related to our class curriculum along with news, updates and photographs of the exciting things that we have been getting up to.


* Please note that if there is a need for the Year 2 bubble to isolate at any point during this academic year, home learning will re commence and all work will be posted here. The use of Purple Mash will also resume as a means of communication between myself and the children. * 


Autumn Term  - 

Our Newsletter for the Autumn Term can be found below. 


This term, our Geography based topic is ‘Where would you prefer to live, England or Africa?’ which requires us to investigate where we live and compare it to a contrasting country. This topic also links into our Music and Art work as we explore the work of African artist Martin Bulinya. In Science we will be focusing on the basic needs of humans and animals as we explore diet, exercise and life cycles.


During the first few weeks of term, we will be using specially selected texts from the No Outsiders scheme of work to support the children in settling back into school. We will also be looking at a book called ‘The Colour Monster’ which will provide lots of opportunities for discussions on thoughts, feelings and emotions on returning to school. We will also be using books which link to our topic as a basis for our writing such as Lila and The Secret of Rain and The Ugly Five.


Important Information


* We are changing the way that we set our homework and as of this term, the children will be set a Pick and Mix style homework based on their current topic. All of the children will be required to complete the activities on their Pick and Mix at home (ideally 1 per week) and share them with me via Purple Mash so I can see all of their wonderful work. Homework will no longer come to and from school each week and no homework should be sent in to school.  Your Pick and Mix for the Autumn Term can be found below. 


* Spellings will be sent home on a Friday and tested the following Friday. It is crucial in Year 2 that your children learn their spellings in order for them to reach end of year expectations.  Weekly spellings can be accessed via Spelling Shed. Your child's login details can be found in their reading planner. The list of the words which your child should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 2 can be found below in the document 'Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Words'.


* P.E. lessons will be on Tuesday and Thursday. If your child wears earrings they will need to be removed by yourself or them prior to the sessions. Children are unable to participate when wearing earrings or any other kind of jewellery.


* Reading books need to be in school every day. Your child will read of specific days each week both individually and as part of Guided Reading sessions. Please ensure that your child reads at least 4 times at home each week and that this is recorded in their planner. 


* In the documents posted below you will find Year 2 Knowledge Organisers for English and Maths. These documents set out and explain all of the key vocabulary that will be covered during your child's time in Year 2, we hope that you find them useful. 


We are very much looking forward to working with your child during their time in Year 2. If your ever have an questions and queries, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Mrs Sharrock and the Year 2 Team

Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Word List

Powerpoint from Phonics Screening Test Information Evening

A power point to help with Cursive letter formation.

Maths Workshop-Guide for Parents.