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‘Working together to fulfil potential’


Welcome to Reception



Daily Learning Tasks- Monday 18th January


Good morning Reception and Happy Monday. smiley  I hope you all had a great weekend and feel ready for another week of online learning.


On Friday Miss Burton is going to demonstrate how to make your very own penguin. All you need is:

  • a cardboard tube (toilet or kitchen roll tube)
  • paper
  • felt tips
  • scissors
  • glue
  • optional googly eyes


Start collecting the items you need, ready for Friday. Here is a little preview of what you will be able to make.


Phonics task 

Join me for some phonics fun by clicking the link below.


English task

Join me and listen to the amazing story: Lost and found.


Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door…he didn’t know where he had come from or who it belonged to. The penguin looked sad and the boy thought he was lost. Where did the penguin come from? How did he get to the boy’s door? Today, I would like you to use your imagination and decide how you think he got the boy’s front door. Draw a picture and write a sentence explaining how the penguin got there.


Maths task 

Start by playing the alien addition game in the PowerPoint below.

Today I would like you to complete the ‘Lost and found’ addition worksheet.

As we have spent the past week consolidating previous learning, we are going to move onto the new concept of doubling tomorrow. Great addition work everyone. smiley

Have a lovely day Reception,

I miss you all very much, Mrs Simmons

Daily Learning Tasks- Friday 15th January


Good morning and happy Friday. smiley

It was really lovely to see some of you online yesterday, your happy faces and amazing Gruffalo creations really did make my day.

Phonics task

Join me for some reading fun by clicking the link below.


English task

Today I would like you to design, draw and cut out character puppets from the story ‘The Gruffalo’. Then I would like you to set up a show for your family members. The challenge is: I would like you to re-tell the story using the puppets. Maybe you could rehearse the show today and make tickets to give your family members for when all of your grown-ups are free. Feel free to use the Gruffalo story map below to help you remember the whole story.

Maths task

For your maths task today, I would like you to go on to ‘Topmarks’ maths again and play the helicopter rescue game. This game will help you to identify and work with numbers to 100. In Reception, we only need to understand and use numbers within 20, so select this when playing. The game includes finding a number and counting on and back.


Thank you for all of your hard work this week, I cannot tell you how proud and impressed I am with you all. I know that it isn’t easy having to do your school work at home and I understand that it’s a challenge for your Mummies and Daddies too as many of them are trying to work from home. 

Have a great weekend! smiley

Mrs Simmons

Daily Learning Task- Thursday 14th January


Hello Reception,


English task

This morning I would like you to describe the setting of the story: The Gruffalo. What can you see? Where is the story set? You could simply list all the things you can see or write describing sentences. I have attached a worksheet below for you to use, if you wish to.

Maths task

Today I would like you to play the ladybird matching game on ‘Topmarks’. There are three different counting, matching and ordering maths games based on the numbers 1 to 10 for you to enjoy.


For an extension activity today, can you help The Gruffalo fill in the missing numbers?

Show and Tell Google Meet Live Session

Please check your purple mash email to see what time you have been allocated for your google meet session this afternoon and if you are able to join us, it would be lovely to see you. It is time to show everyone your Gruffalo creations. The purpose of this session is for the children to showcase their Gruffalo models and describe how they made them.


Remember your login details are in your reading planner and I have attached the google meet guide below for anyone who will be logging in for the first time. Hope to see you all later.


Enjoy the rest of your day. smiley

Mrs Simmons

Daily Learning Tasks- Wednesday 13th January  


Good morning Reception,


Creative task

This morning, I would like you to describe the Gruffalo. Before you do this, I would like you to have a go making your very own model of the Gruffalo.

You could make him out of:

  • lego
  • playdough
  • salt dough
  • any unwanted household materials such as: egg boxes, cardboard boxes and plastic bottles.
  • Collage materials

Or simply draw or paint him.

I would like you to bring your Gruffalo creations to our google meet session tomorrow, where I will ask you to show your friends your Gruffalo model and explain how you made it.



English task

Once you have made your Gruffalo model, I would like you to describe what the Gruffalo looks like. What does he have on his back? What colour are his eyes? What are his toes like? What are his knees like? What colour is his tongue?

Join me for a shared writing session before you begin.


Maths task

Go and get 10 of your favourite toys. Can you order them from smallest to tallest?  Then from tallest to smallest? If you find this easy, try measuring the objects. You can measure the objects with non-standard units of measure such as cubes, Lego bricks or sweets.


Stay safe and take care. smiley

Mrs Simmons


Daily Learning Task- Tuesday 12th January


Good morning all,


English task

For the rest of this week, we are going to use one of my all-time favourite stories: The Gruffalo! I bet this story is one of your favourites too! Start by listening to the online story by clicking the link below.  If you have a copy of this book at home you could read the actual book with the help of one of your grown-ups.


Did you join in with the story? Now I would like you to complete the Gruffalo reading comprehension question sheet, given below. Let’s see how much you know and have remembered from the story.

Maths task

Join me for a number formation lesson by clicking the link below.

Parents, please use the rhymes to help your child form their numbers correctly. Please do this when completing maths tasks from now on.

P.E. task

Go on a cosmic kid’s yoga adventure by clicking the link below:


Enjoy the rest of your day. smiley

Mrs Simmons

Daily Learning Task- Monday 11th January  


Good morning Reception,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. smiley


Free phonics resource

Phonics play have announced free access to all of their games for schools and homes while UK schools are closed. It is an excellent resource, please take full advantage of this free access to support the teaching and consolidation of your child’s understanding of phonics.


(  Use the following details:

Username: jan21

Password: home


Live sessions

As I said to those who managed to make my live storytelling session on Thursday, we will try to meet in this way every Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately during the storytelling session I was unable to see you all so I would like to split you into 3 smaller groups for all of our future live sessions. Today you will all receive an email via purple mash explaining what time your session will run every week. Please email me via purple mash if the allocated time is not suitable and I will try my very best to change it.


English task

In the story ‘We are all different’ one of the boys didn’t have a sister or brother but had a pet dog. Which pet animal is your favourite? Ask a grown-up to help you find out and write a little bit about how to care for a pet. Create a poster explaining how to look after your chosen pet. Think about what your pet needs during the day to be happy and healthy.



Maths task

Join me for some maths fun by clicking the link below:


Did you manage to join in and count in tens?

For an extension activity today, make a number line and go as high as you can. Which number did you have to stop at? Which number is your favourite?


Creative task

Join Miss Burton for a step by step guide on how to make playdough at home.

Did you have fun making your own playdough alongside Miss Burton? I bet you did! What does your playdough feel like? What colour playdough did you make? You could now use cutters to cut your playdough into a variety of different shapes and sizes. When you’ve finished playing with your playdough, store it away in a tuber wear box or use some cling film so that you can use it again on another day.


Take care all. smiley

Mrs Simmons

Daily Learning Tasks- Friday 8th January  


Hi Reception.

It was really lovely to see some of you online yesterday, your happy faces really did make my day. smiley


Join me for some phonics fun by clicking on the link below.

If your child found the above lesson quite easy, move onto my more challenging lesson below.


For your English task today, I would like you to ask a grown up to help you make a fruit salad using the fruit you have in at home. Do you have any of the fruits that were the children’s favourites from the story ‘We are all different’? The children’s favourite fruits were: strawberries, apples, bananas and grapes. Which fruit is your favourite? Maybe you could even make a face with all the fruits in your fruit salad?

Once you have made your fruit salad and enjoyed eating it, I would like you to write a fruit tasting review. Which fruit was your favourite? Which one did you like the least? Did you try any new fruits? Remember to write down all the sounds you can hear in the words. Use the sound mat to help you.




For your Maths task today, I would like you to complete the ‘All about the number three home learning challenges’ attached below.


If you are ready for an extension today, use household objects to take away. Find a group of toys and take some away. Once you have taken some away, count how many you have left. Again have a go at writing the sums for each one.

Following on from yesterday’s understanding the world task, I would like you to record your hopes and wishes for 2021. You can use the optional worksheet below. When you have completed this task, keep your hopes and wishes in a safe place until the end of the year. Then you can reflect on the year and see if any of your wishes came true. 

On Monday, Miss Burton will be demonstrating how to make your own play dough. How exciting! smiley If you would like to make some at home you will need the following ingredients:

  • flour
  • vegetable/sunflower oil
  • table salt
  • poster paint or food colouring


I hope that you are all safe and well at home with your families. Thank you so much to all of you for working incredibly hard at home, you make me very proud.

Have a lovely weekend. smiley

Mrs Simmons

Daily Learning Tasks- Thursday 7th January  


Hello all,


Today we are going to try and have our first Google Meet live storytelling session at 2.30pm for about 15 minutes, I’m really looking forward to seeing you all! Don’t worry if you can’t make it today or have any issues logging in, just let me know (via Purple Mash) and I’ll do my best to try and resolve any problems you may have. It’s my first time using Google Meet with you all too so I have everything crossed that our first meet will be a success!

Remember your logins are in your reading planner and Mr Moore re-sent all of the information, that your parents will need to log you in, in his letter on Tuesday.




In the story ‘We are all different’ some of the children could speak in different languages. Ask a member of your family to say ‘hello’ in another language and see if you can remember it.

The children in the book have lots of different types of families. Can you draw and label a picture of your family? You can use the optional worksheet ‘In my house’ for this, if you wish to. For an extension task, you could write sentences underneath your picture about your family. I would love to see a picture of your work again today, so please upload a photograph of it onto Purple Mash.


“Half a heart but you are not through. A line to the right, now that’s a number two!” Now it’s time to complete the home learning challenge for number 2.


For an extension, why not count 2 groups of objects to find a total? Use household objects to add two amounts together. For example: there are 4 buttons here and 5 buttons there, how many do I have altogether? Have a go at writing the sums to go with each one (e.g. 6+4=10).


Understanding the World

This week in school we would have been learning about New Year and New Year’s resolutions. Ask your grownup to help you read all about this special event on the PowerPoint below and think about what your hopes and wishes for 2021 would be.


Google Meet Storytime

Join me on Google Meet for our first live storytelling session today at 2.30pm for about 15 minutes, I’m really looking forward to sharing one of my favourite stories with you to finish off the day.

Keep up the great work Reception. Hope you all have a lovely day. smiley

Mrs Simmons

Daily Learning Task- Wednesday 6th January  


Hello and good morning,


I hope you enjoyed reading the story ‘We are all different’ yesterday. In the story the children like lots of different colours. What is your favourite colour? Today, I would like you to make a rainbow. You could use paint, play-dough, Lego bricks, chalk or colouring pencils. Before you begin, click on the link and watch the video so that you remember all the colours that should be in a rainbow. 

Once you have done that, count how many colours are in the rainbow. Are there more than 5 or less than 5 colours in the rainbow?

When you have made your very own rainbow, make a list of the colours you used. Take a photograph of your work and upload it onto Purple mash for me to see.



Did you enjoy your maths challenges for the number zero yesterday? I hope you did. Now I would like you to complete the ‘All about the number one home learning challenges’ below.

Then join me by clicking on the link below for some maths fun.

As an extension activity, would you like to find one less than a given number? For example what is one less than 4? Have a go at writing down the answers using a taking away symbol like this: 5-1=4.


Afternoon Task

This afternoon I would like you to complete the ‘My Christmas Holiday Snapshots’ worksheet below. If you do not have a printer, complete this on a piece of paper from home. You could draw your snapshots, label them or write a caption under each picture. I would love to see them so please email them to me via purple mash. Your purple mash login details are in the front of your reading record. Follow the guide below to send the email.

Have a brilliant day and don’t forget to post a picture on Purple Mash for me to see.

Tomorrow you will be invited to a live storytime lesson. See you then! smiley

Mrs Simmons


Daily Learning Tasks- Tuesday 5th January


Good morning Reception and Happy New Year to you and your families. I hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas break. I am very sorry that we can’t be back in the classroom together today, I was really looking forward to hearing all about your Christmas holidays and I know that you were looking forward to seeing each other too.

 I know this may seem really strange, with us not being in school every day, but I am still going to be sending you work tasks to do at home on a daily basis. So, find yourself a comfortable space to work and get ready to learn from your new 'school at home' for the next couple of weeks. 

Each morning I will be posting an English and Maths task here on our class web page for you to complete. 

You will be able to read lots of books from our reading scheme by joining Oxford Owl, the link is below.



During this time at home please incorporate learning and revisiting your phonics sounds as part of your daily reading.  Please use your phonics support pack for this and complete these activities every day (as well as the English and Maths tasks for each day).

How to use the phonics flashcards:

  • Look at the flash cards and say the sound aloud
  • Find a sound, that you have heard said by an adult, out of a selection of flashcards
  • Match the sound to an item or toy (initial sound or end sound)
  • Put sounds together to make words to read


A few activity ideas:

  • Hide sounds for your child to find.
  • Say sounds against the clock ( as many as your child can in a minute)
  • Put sounds in a box and play pass the parcel, saying the sound as the box lands on each player.
  • Put sounds on the stairs and read them on the way up to bed each night.
  • Using multiple sounds write simple words in chalk in the garden.
  • Use the catchy animated phonics songs for both revising and teaching letter-sounds from ‘Teaching Your Monster to Read’:


For your English task for today, I would like you to start by listening to the story ‘We are all different.”


In the story, all the children have different colours and types of hair. Look in the mirror, what colour is your hair? Is it long, short, curly or straight? I would like you to draw a picture of yourself and describe what you look like. You can use the ‘This is me’ worksheet if you wish. Try to describe your eyes, hair and skin colour. Use your pretend microphone and sound out carefully. Use the attached sound mat to help you identify the sounds in your describing words.

For your Maths task today, I would like you to complete the ‘All about the number zero home learning challenges’ attached below.


As an extension activity, you may wish to complete some ‘more than’ sums. Using household objects, can you find one more than a given number? For example what is one more than 6? Can you show me one more than 9? Have a go at writing the sums, they will look like this: 6+1=7


Hope you all have a great day. I will post again tomorrow.

Goodbye for now.

Mrs Simmons smiley

Welcome to the Reception web page which will be updated throughout the year with information related to our class curriculum along with news, updates and photographs of the exciting things that we have been getting up to. Please note that if there is a need for the Reception class to isolate at any point during this academic year,  home learning will re commence and all work will be accessed from here.


Important Information



We are changing the way that we set our homework and as of this term, the children will be set a Pick and Mix style homework based on phonics and understanding of number. All of the children will be required to complete the activities on their Pick and Mix at home (ideally 1 per week) Homework will no longer come to and from school each week and no homework should be sent in to school. These activities will not require a homework book.

(Please find your child's Pick and Mix Homework below and a support guide for uploading photographs onto Purple Mash)

*** Parent Support packs will be sent home on Monday 14th September. If your child is secure with their Phase 2 sounds, your pack will also include Phase 3 flashcards***



Reading Books

Your child will be given a reading book during the first couple of weeks in Reception. Reading books need to be in school every day. Your child will read on specific days each week both individually and as part of Guided Reading sessions. Please ensure that your child reads at least 4 times at home each week and that this is recorded in their planner. 


Spare Clothes

Please provide spare clothes for your child in a draw string bag. These will be left in school, in case your child has an accident of simply gets wet/muddy within our outdoor provision. If your child does have an accident, these clothes will be sent home and we would appreciate it if you return the spare clothes as soon as possible. We will be spending lots of time enjoying the outdoor provision so please send in a spare pair of wellington boots if you have any and again these can be stored in school. Please label all of your children’s belongings.


Creative Fund

In order to provide your children with the variety of snack, baking opportunities and creative consumables we request a contribution of £10 per term or £30 for the full year. During this term your child will be developing their independence by adding different toppings to their toast. They will enjoy baking some tasty treats and as the weather grows colder we will have a nice cup of warm hot chocolate. As this first term is particularly rich with festivities there will also be many other surprises along the way. We have many activities planned this term that include, seasonal crafts, making and decorating cakes, making slime, salt dough constructions and lots more. Please ensure your money is in an envelope clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.


P.E Lessons

P.E. lessons will be on Friday. If your child wears earrings they will need to be removed by yourself prior to the sessions. P.E pumps will stay in school for the duration of every term. We will send the pumps home at the end of every term to give you an opportunity to check that they still fit your child. Please return your child's PE pumps on your child’s first day back after the school holiday.



As a school Twitter is used as a form of communication where parents are reminded of up-coming events or given a great insight into exciting learning opportunities your child has experienced. Consent forms will be sent from the office, please ensure these are returned as soon as possible. You can follow us via the user name below:



We are very much looking forward to working with your child during their time in Reception. If you ever have any questions and queries, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Mrs Simmons and the Reception Team smiley

Some of our starting Reception photographs

First couple of days in Reception

Useful Links


Oxford Owl Reading



Here is a link to a free online reading scheme with a variety of children's e-books.

(click on the picture to begin)





Click on the picture to access free phonics games.

Username: march20  Password: home






Sing a long to our Jolly Phonics songs. Click the picture to start singing!

Here is a catchy song to help you learn our tricky words.

Maths In Reception! The opportunities are endless...

Our Reception Outdoor Vision!


The EYFS states: 

• ‘Being outdoors has a positive impact on children's sense of well-being and helps all aspects of children's development. 

• Being outdoors offers opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors.

 • It gives children first-hand contact with weather, seasons and the natural world. 

• Outdoor environments offer children freedom to explore, use their senses, and be physically active and exuberant.’ 


We are looking to improve our outdoor area to make it exciting and inviting for our wonderful children. We need your help! 

We would be very grateful for anything you could donate to us and it would be highly beneficial for our children to explore and investigate with such open ended resources! Together with our caretaker we want create and build some amazing structures for our children and build up our outdoor area.

Attached are various inspirational pictures from our school Outdoor Vision and a google page for you to visit to help understand the types of equipment we are looking for and how we would use it.


Examples include..

Crates (wood/plastic)








Planks of wood (all sizes)

Plant pots




Natural materials stones, shells, straw etc


Water trays

Cable reels