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Ofsted 2016-2017
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James Brindley Community Primary School
‘Working together to fulfil potential’


At James Brindley, Geography is taught over a term and a half. Each year group studies an 'in depth' Geography topic, which is taught over two half terms, and a separate 'mini study' taught over a half term. Each topic is designed around an overarching question to 'hook' the children's interest and make learning fun.


All of these topics have been carefully planned using the Progression in Skills Documents (see below). These documents clearly outline how the children's Geographical Knowledge will develop across school in the following key areas: 


  • Field Work and Geographical Skills
  • Human and Physical Geography
  • Location Knowledge
  • Place Knowledge


The Geography lead, supported by the S.L.T, monitors medium term planning to ensure that coverage is accurate. Standards in the quality of teaching and learning in Geography are monitored through regular 'book looks' and learning walks. 


Cross Curricular art and D.T is linked in with the 'in depth' study. Please refer to the Art and D.T section of the curriculum page for the Progression in Skills documents for these subject areas. 

DFE Geography National Curriculum KS1 and KS2