At James Brindley Community Primary School we greatly value the role that Physical Education plays within our curriculum. Our sporting ethos is underpinned by ‘The Spirit of The Games Sporting Values’ which we believe supports our pupils in striving to do their best and achieving sporting success. Central to our teaching in physical education is that all our children enjoy being physically active. We develop the fundamentals of physical literacy through our bespoke curriculum and have a broad and inclusive competition programme which involves both intra and inter school competition, and promotes health and wellbeing through a commitment to physical activity.

By the end of EYFS, we want all of our children to be able to move independently and to have developed basic physical literacy skills such as throwing, catching, jumping and kicking. We also want our children to be able to move their bodies to music and show that they have control over their bodies and the space around them when dancing, running and moving. We begin to teach our children the importance of being fit and keeping active.

In Key Stage 1, we look to build on the foundations built in EYFS as children become more proficient in skills such as catching and kicking with smaller balls. We also begin to introduce specific sports such as hockey and cricket when children can utilise and develop their new skills. We continue to advocate the importance of keeping healthy through exercise and diet and we begin to link this to our learning in science. Through gymnastics lessons we want children to develop their strength and flexibility as they jump, roll and balance and in dance sessions our children begin to perform body actions with control and coordination as they express ideas, moods and feelings through movements.

In Key Stage 2 we actively encourage our children to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity, as we endeavour to instil a life long love of sport. We want our children to further develop their basic physical skills such as running, throwing and catching and we provide a vast amount of opportunities for them to perform in a competitive environment, through introducing a range of team games and inter/intra school and house competitions. We provide a range of opportunities for children to utilise their skills in a variety of sports and we have carefully designed our curriculum to ensure that they develop a range of physical skills that they can competently perform. Throughout Key Stage 2, our curriculum is carefullys tructured to ensure a broad coverage of skills and sports which progress throughout the Key Stage, along with regular dance and gymnastics sessions. We timetable 3 dance and gymnastics sessions per year group, per academic year as we recognise the wide variety of skills and fitness opportunities that these sessions provide.

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