At James Brindley Primary School we want our children and their families to develop positive attitudes towards other languages and cultures. We believe that learning a Modern Foreign Language will open doors to our children’s futures; equipping them with a life-long practical skill, and that their language learning at Primary School will provide them with the building blocks for learning languages at High School. Through our teaching and learning in French, we aim to foster children’s curiosity and deepen their understanding of how the English language works as they compare it to French. The focus on speaking, listening and practical games and activities which lead into reading and writing encourages a deeper level of engagement and enjoyment for all pupils, whilst strengthening their communication skills in a positive and supportive environment. We also place great importance on the development of pupils’ knowledge and understanding of French culture.

Annual French Day

Each year at James Brindley, we have a whole school French Day where children from EYFS to Y6 are immersed in French culture and language. The children have a French passport which is stamped as they move from activity to activity: playing boules and bingo; making French flags, hats and cards; building Eiffel Towers; listening to stories; joining in with songs and hall games as well as enjoying our French food and drink in our very popular café.

Curriculum Content & Planning

Examples of Children's Work