Our school admissions are administered by the Admissions Team at Salford Local Authority. Information on all admissions can be found here: Salford School Admissions

Nursery and Reception

If you wish to apply for a place in either our Nursery or Reception class, you should enter all relevant details into the 'Family Portal' at the web address above. Applications must be received by 15th January for places in September of the same year. All applications from Salford residents should be sent in this way, even if they are applying to out of area or independent schools.

Nursery: Salford Nursery Admissions

Reception: Salford Primary Admissions

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have any further queries or require additional information, please contact the Admissions and Exclusions Team on 0161 909 6508.Or to request an Application Form

Admissions and Exclusions Team
Children's Services
2nd Floor
Unity House
Salford Civic Centre
Chorley Road
M27 5AW

Making Arrangements For A School Place

Children can be admitted to James Brindley at any appropriate age and we are always pleased to meet new parents in person and show them around. Please telephone the school to make the arrangements.  All admissions are coordinated through the Local Authority. 

Parents can find all admissions information and also apply online here- Primary Places

Parents can find all admissions information and also apply online here - Secondary places